Akhbar El Yom is an Arabic language weekly newspaper published in Egypt. Contents. 1 History and profile; 2 See also; 3 References; 4 External links. 47 visitors have checked in at Akhbar Al Youm | اخبار اليوم. Daily News Egypt, Egypt’s only daily independent newspaper, to be taken by state-run newspaper Akhbar Al Youm. Earlier in December

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During Sadat’s time, both Mostafa Hussein and Ahmed Ragab were on Kadafi’s assassination list because they kept showing him with his pants down and potty training.

I have always been a fan of this duo and although I firmly believe in the freedom of expression, I totally disagree with these kind of insulting cartoons which target a religion, race, or ethnicity. Good that you raise that incident! Another sad case of a Muslim hypocrite, who violating his own religion uses force because “he cannot accept Quran al kareem teaches us tolerance, but that hacker being a wannabe prophet has his own agenda and his own religion which is not our Islam.

Here I am doing my link-enabling magic as per reader request. Egyptian Shaykh Abi-Ishaq al-Huwayni: Jihad is the solution for Muslims’ financial problems. This is a must-see. People akhhar think that Islam has anything to do with a white galabeya and the niqab are the ones who insult Islam.

People who insist that mocking hypocrital opportunists who pretend to be pious Muslims for personal gain is the same as mocking Islam, insult Islam. People who claim to amhbar “defending Islam” but use or advocate fascist ways to silence dissent and impose their self-serving opinions on others, insult Islam. People who allow ignorant fanatics and bullies to hijack Islam and speak on its behalf, insult Islam. How shameful that more than a century later, some Egyptians are still not capable of understanding what the great thinker and human being Mohamed Abduh said: I returned to the East and saw Muslims but no Islam.


I always knew at the depth of our financial problems was the lack of spoils of war. The ignorance of Islam here in Egypt is shocking!!!

Niqab has nothing at all to do with Islam. Copts wore niqab not so long ago in Egypt. They think that it is all about praying 5 times a day and choosing what foot to use to enter the bathroom.

There is more Islam in the West for sure. At least you can go into any shop and not be robbed blind.

State-Run Newspaper Akhbar Al Youm to Take Over Daily News Egypt

Here in the land of Islam you will rarely find aknbar shop or businessman who will not cheat or rob you!!!! Coptic woman in niqab! That’s nearly LE for one hour, but nobody calls him a thief.

Similarly, in the West they can’t even imagine monthly salaries like LE or and the minimum wage that Egyptians consider so wildly high, LEis less than 3 days’ income for a minimum wage worker there.

Akhbar Al Youm Al Maghribiya

Yet the cost of living here is far from cheap — in fact it’s quite high compared to a lot of Western countries. Also, in Canada, for example, all citizens have access to an excellent free health care system, unemployment insurance, welfare for those who have no income, superb public education and free access to lovely public parks, plus a great system of public transportation that is not too expensive, etc.


Poor slyoum also have aoyoum same human and legal and civil rights as rich people, in theory AND in practise. I wonder how people in the West would act if they lived under a system like the one Egyptians have been enduring for decades?

I bet they’d act much, much worse. The real moral sin is denying workers the right to a fair wage and demanding that they be “honest”, hardworking and “productive” when they are malnourished, sick and unable to provide even the basic necessities for their families, including a decent education and shelter, or even clean water alyoumm drink.

Akhbar Al Youm Al Maghribiya | Media Ownership Monitor

Especially when those who self-righteously accuse them of being greedy are all too often themselves living quite comfortably even quite luxuriouslynot particularly honest themselves and producing much, much less of value to the society, yet congratulating themselves on their superior morality. Thank You for your comment Please keep it civilized here, racist and hateful comments are not accepted The Comments in this blog with exclusion of the blog’s owner does not represent the views of the blog’s owner.

Akhbar Al Youm newspaper website has been hacked from couple of hours ago by some hacker because of a Mustafa Hussein and Ahmed Ragab cartoon about Salafist trend in Egypt. The website has been restored”. Newer Post Older Post Home. A screen cap for the website when it was hacked.