Point Omega has ratings and reviews. David said: Yes, for sure, in this slender little volume (especially in the first half), you’ll find Don D. Point Omega: A Novel [Don DeLillo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A brief, unnerving, and exceptionally hard-hitting novel about time. Don DeLillo’s spectacular career seemed to have reached some kind of omega zone almost 20 years ago. After the red-hot streak of “The.

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But the narrator turns out to be a cipher: It takes work, pious effort, to see what you are looking at.

Punto Depillo Risucchiati nel nulla dalla lettura di “Punto Omega”, noi lettori siamo molto vicini ad un punto zero. There are clear parallels to Thomas Pynchonespecially Gravity’s Rainbow. Pale, thin, definitely among the first against the wall if an armed revolution came.

It is the kind of book that needs to be engaged with, and have the pooint pried out of the words on the page. Philosophically, philosophical novels are problematic because the ideas they offer seem I suppose mainly to philosophically-inclined critics to be uninteresting as philosophy.

Some of you who know me know that I hate spit. His 16th novel is his most focused yet, a pared, intense anti-parable that begins in a New York art gallery. At the end of his service, Elster retreats to the desert, where he is joined by a filmmaker intent on documenting his piont.

DeLillo’s 24-Hour Psycho: Point Omega by Don DeLillo

It’s ironic that with all this white space, it’s an early novel, White Noisethat you have to return to in order to find a writer with a sense of humor, a rounded story of sortsand something to say. The Iraq war, he ruefully recalls assuring them, would be a “Haiku” war; a “war in three lines”. But what you began omeya write were flat, soft, somber, omeva pieces inflated by your ego and disguised in a thin veil of humility- as if speaking softly would show the world how humble you were.


Okay, that was a pathetic attempt to parody DeLillo’s ponderousness, but I invite Scribner to blurb that line on the jacket of all future editions of Point Omega. Dec 25, Jason Pettus rated it did not like it.

DeLillo’s books have come to seem lopsided, top-heavy: Just a man and a wall”. So for the next few weeks, these two dudes sit around uttering profound sentences and vaguely gesturing at the incomprehensibility of time and human existence.

Framing either end omeva the novella is another, nameless protagonist who omegx around watching 24 Hour Psycho at the Modern Museum of Art. Further praise came from ommega literary review Kirkus Reviewswith its reviewer declaring the novel to be “an icy, disturbing and masterfully composed study of guilt, loss and regret – quite possibly the depillo finest yet. An idea-driven or conceptual or philosophical novel that is also brief runs a special risk, because the brevity declares that the resources of a full novel are not needed.

He seeks perspective and escape. Only Jerry Lewis appears in the film; only Elster will appear in the film Jim proposes to him. At this point I thought, okay, here’s the plot. In the desert — as in the equally austere, if chillier, gallery — time seems to slow down.

An example of that sheer unimaginableness strikes with astonishing force when Finley and Elster return from a supply run to town one day to find Jessie gone, all her things left behind.

He continued to speak down to me and explain that he was making a syllabus for a class and th Last night at work a man who looked like Zizek approached the information desk.

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These short sections of Point Omegawhere the watcher meticulously observes his own and other people’s reactions to the abstracted violence on the screen, are as sharp in their own right as you would expect. Point Omega by Don DeLillo.

Point Omega by Don DeLillo: review – Telegraph

In a sense, both Finley and Elster are artists. Archived from the original on January 19, This is how we live and think whether we know it or not. This was prompted by an article he wrote explicating and parsing the word “rendition”.

She just floats about, trapped miles below her own skin, doing whatever it is that she does, walking this way and that.

This is why your industry is dyingbecause your audience can plainly see through your shell games; but what you need to understand is that it’s not our job to pay for your Brooklyn condo mortgage, and that we will continue to desert you by the millions the longer you keep up these elaborate ruses, just because you don’t want to take the pay cut you so obviously deserve.

I started this poiny it’s pages but the type is massive, this is barely a novel yesterday, and in 3 brief sittings including 2 very relaxing bathsI finished the thing.

Point Omega

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Memos and Testimonies from the “War on Terror”‘.