Epulis fissuratum is a mucosal hyperplasia that results from chronic low-grade trauma induced by a denture flange. Epulis fissuratum is. epulis fissuratum. 1. EPULIS FISSURATUM By: Aleia S. Guzman; 2. WHAT IS EPULIS FISSURATUM? is a benign hyperplasia of fibrous. A poorly fitted prosthesis can give rise to a plethora of problems like pain, discomfort in mastication and speech and epulis fissuratum. Epulis.

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Epulis fissuratum in the soft palate: None, Conflict of Interest: Epulis fissuratum is a tumor-like hyperplasia developing in association with an ill-fitting denture.

Case Report: Epulis fissuratum: consequence of ill-fitting prosthesis

We report a year-old female with epulis fissuratum in the soft palate as a very rare clinical location. She presented with the chief complaint of an abnormal growth along the posterior border of her ill-fitting upper complete denture as well as pain and discomfort during mastication.


Intraoral examination revealed a polypoid fibrous mass, soft in consistency and smooth in texture. On history and clinical examination, a provisional diagnosis fiseuratum denture-induced hyperplasia was made.

The patient was prescribed topical anti-fungal medications for 10 days. Then, the lesion was excised surgically.

Histopathological examination revealed hyperplastic epithelium as well as a fibrous adallah tissue with moderate inflammation which confirmed the clinical diagnosis. Although rare, epulis fissuratum can happen along the posterior portion of the upper denture and should be considered in intraoral examination.

An extensive denture-induced hyperplasia of maxilla. A clinical study of a Turkish population group.

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Epulis fissuratum

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Epulis fissuratum – Wikipedia

Common benign oral soft tissue masses. Dent Clin North Am ; This article has been cited by 1 Peripheral Exophytic Oral Lesions: How to cite this article: Report of a case in a very rare location. How to cite this URL: Epulis fissuratum along the posterior border of the upper denture Click here to view. Polypoid epulis fissuratum on the soft palate Click here to view.

High-power photomicrograph showing hyperplastic fibrovascular connective tissue covered by stratified squamous epithelium H and E Click here to view.

Epulis fissuratum: consequence of ill-fitting prosthesis

This article has been cited by. Peripheral Exophytic Oral Lesions: A Clinical Decision Tree. Related articles Denture-induced hyperplasia epulis fissuratum soft palate.