get my late ‘s Rockwell bandsaw back into proper running consider picking up the latest Iturra Design catalog and reading through it. Some woodworker’s consider Iturra Design’s catalog their Band Saw Bible. Although not available via the internet yet, contact Iturra Design direct for the most. On Mon, 22 Feb , “Ed Pawlowski” It’s there Ed. There’s only three files posted at that time period. There are ten million free.

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He does not have an on-line presence, other than an e-mail address. Backing kturra for rolltop desk? I take heart in the fact that when people who aren’t the best business model people survive, it is generally because they are fair and sell good stuff.

I’ve never heard of anyone making things this difficult for potential customers.

Bandsaw Tune-Up

What exactly would be the point in keeping older saws in the showroom if they weren’t for sale and wouldn’t likely ever be returing to the US market? I, almost, always have my iPad with me and rely on it for information. Catalot, you must have something in your eye too: How else can your product or service be used by your customer?


After Dan left, I removed the saw from the base and carried all the pieces down to the basement and re-assembled it in the workshop. Any chance of deslgn this?

Bandsaw Tune-Up | thekiltedwoodworker

Keyboard Shortcuts 2 replies. Assign An Expert For Me.

That’s an excellent question! Unknown October 24, at 5: All you have to know is if you order something, I’ll send you a catalog Iturra Design asks that I do not scan and put the Caralog Design catalog online and to do so would be copyright infringement I don’t even want to go there.

The whole working-from-work-on-my-lunch-break bit is cataog, if somewhat limited. Help to figure out math for slat bed 1 reply.

Having difficulties reading project plans? Unwanted Advertising 10 replies. The section on 14″ band saws old and new is worth a read. I have a bandsaw in need of replacement parts. Then, out of the blue, 2 yrs later! One decade at a time. Disappearing Stairway plans of Lon Schleining.

Difficulty ripping 2″ maple planks 8 replies. Bill Domenz October 9, at 7: I called twice and was told they were a little behind filling catalogue requests, however, three months and waiting is ridiculous.

What article discussed cutting thick boards on an angle to get rift sawn legs. I checked with my buddy and thats where he got it so that might be easiest.

I might put it up for sale at some point but have been too busy lately to bother with it. Please do that, instead of a binary Usenet server.

  610D IPC PDF

Iturra Design Catalogue

Poitras Model band saw adjustment. This forum is for scrollsawers: Where do I buy Sketch-up? Nor did he ever reimburse me for postage costs. Send them to me at: Roy Contact options for registered users. I have bought a number of blades and some rather obscure parts from him. Chat with your Forum Friends about their projects, their life, thei Best Cabinet Design Software 4 replies.

Iturra Design Catalogue | Fine Woodworking Knots

Personally, I think it was their elusiveness that kept them in the market. Give an occasional shot of lubricant.

Iturra can take a long time to get you a catalog. What to do when your home smells like smoke? First, there is no such thing as providing too much helpful information. It is sanded to grit and finished with alfieshine. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking Cztalog you are selling your work, then you have entered a woodworking dimension with added complexity and stress.

Actually, being a little mysterious and elusive is sometimes and plus in this market.