The Ending of Time has ratings and 26 reviews. Timothy said: Dialogs between David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti, enjoyable and provoking on the nature of. KRISHNAMURTI: How shall we start? I would like to ask if humanity has taken a wrong turn. DAVID BOHM: A wrong turn? Well it must have done so, a long time. The Ending of Time Chapter 11 18th September Conversation with Prof. David Bohm ‘The Ending of `psychological’ Knowledge’. KRISHNAMURTI: What.

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Now the word problem is based on the idea of putting forth something – a possible solution – and then trying to achieve it. It is not an endeavour, an experience, a struggle to be attentive. But the brain is in contradiction. Well, in so far as you could label it, that description would not be valid. My zumba classmate is about 70 years old, I am guessing, and the zumba class is more of a salsa bump. And being free, it is from freedom and not from knowledge that one communicates.

Books about J Krishnamurti. I have people I have met and there are people that I’ve read who say these same things.

It seems so utterly hopeless. By the way, It isnt only J. Because the brain is part of the universe, which we say is not based on time. Books about J Krishnamurti.

In his private interviews, he was a compassionate teacher, listening attentively to the man or woman who came to him in sorrow, and encouraging them to heal themselves through their own understanding. And would you say that it is meditation? I am very concerned about this because wherever I go this is what is happening. So first let’s begin by asking if there is an order which is not made by man or jiddu thought – which is krishnamuti the result of calculated order out of disturbance, and therefore still part of the old conditioning?


Now, suppose I, as an ordinary human being, have come to that point where there is this freedom, and from it communication takes place – will you, as an eminent scientist, communicate with me without any barrier? K had interesting thoughtful in-depth discussions with Prof Alan Anderson and others but these do not reveal beyond a certain rational limit imposed by thought. But ordinarily it seems more than information, and knowledge itself does not see that knowledge is not free.

Ending of Time, The – J. Krishnamurti Online

The pattern goes on indefinitely. And also there are the inner feelings. Krisbnamurti sort of time is in itself a form of suffering. When we go to something more general, a depth is generated.

The first thing that struck me when I cracked open the book is the poverty in the scope of vocabulary coupled with the astonishing diversity of reiteration of the same words. I was thinking of an example in physics: Which means, am I putting pressure on him?

Well, usually people might say, all right, there is no thought, but they have various feelings. English Choose a language for shopping. For a scientist to discover orishnamurti new, he must have a certain emptiness from which there will be a different perception. Prepared to listen, but how deeply? It took me pages till the ideas started to resonate and I could relate The ‘time’ in question is what the participants in this series of conversations refer to krishnamuti ‘psychological time’, that is, the habitually created illusion of the self that is in a perpetual struggle for improvement, motivated through illusions created by desire,hope and fear.


The Ending of Time by Jiddu Krishnamurti

If it lets go of one pattern it picks up another; it keeps on functioning all the time like that. You see, the tradition hasn’t changed anything. This can’t be done with time, but it took quite a while for mankind to realize that sodium is sodium, you see. And in that cycle I am caught. Now there is something that has occurred to me. I think the general difficulty is that knowledge is not just sitting there as a form of information, but is extremely active, meeting and shaping every moment according to past knowledge.

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That is an important point. We talk of his becoming aware – but all that is verbal; it can be explained in different ways – the cause, the endibg, and all the rest of it. Start reading The Ending of Time: He and his brother were adopted in their youth by Dr Annie Besant, then president of the Theosophical Society.

No, I wouldn’t say that life has no meaning. He can describe, go round it, but he can’t give the essence of it. What is to blame for the suffering in the world? With what knowledge do I question my knowledge? Each generation repeats the same pattern. It is in a state of meditation.