The LA1-UWD 36W General-Purpose Column Loudspeaker (Black) from Bosch is a cost-effective solution for providing excellent speech intelligibility and . The Bosch LA1-UWD1 & LA1-UWL1 is a 36 Watt, volt line column loudspeaker for indoor use where beaming is desirable, such as places of worship. Communication Systems | LA1-UWx Column Loudspeakers. The LA1-UW x is a 36 W general-purpose cost- LA1-UWD Column Loudspeaker.

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Speakers LA1-UWX produced by Bosch are designed for high-quality reproduction of speech and background music inside the premises, where directed sound. The speakers can be wall-mounted using the standard supplied swivel bracket, allowing you to lock the loudspeaker into position.

Audio – Video – Sound Card – Speaker – Headset – Video Card

Convenient, easy to use, 4-pin terminal block with spring contacts located on the side of the wiring. The contacts of the terminal block is designed to signal to V transformer inside the speaker enclosure.


The use of a transformer with taps allows you to select when setting up a full, half or quarter of the nominal power of the loudspeaker i. All Bosch loudspeakers are designed for reliable operation at rated power for hours in accordance with IEC Bosch has also developed a test to simulate the effects of acoustic feedback to demonstrate that the Bosch loudspeakers can withstand double the load in a short period of time.

This ensures improved reliability under conditions of extreme loads, longer life, maximum customer satisfaction and reduces the probability of failure or degradation of operating characteristics.

Bosch LA1-UW36-D1 & LA1-UW36-L1 Column Loudspeaker

MDF enclosure covered with reliable easy-to-clean vinyl coating in black or white. Front plastic panel is coated with pa1 quality fabric in matching color. These powerful column loudspeakers are fitted with four high-sensitivity speakers with double conical diffuser. In installments We offer you to purchase the goods by making our interest-free installment.

That is, You do not overpay for a commodity a dime!


The terms of the installment purchase in the online store Musician. Within the next 6 months from the time of purchase.

Need advice or have any questions? About the product Features Accessories Reviews. Good speech intelligibility and background music. For applications where directivity is important. Hinged bracket for wall mounting included.

Complies with international standards of installation and security. Dimensions HxWxDmm: Add to Favorites In favorites. With this screen resolution, you can add only two products for comparison Close. There are no reviews for this product — be the first! Put the assessment of.

Bosch LA1-UWD Column Speaker Technical specifications | SourceENEU

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