Hi list, Is there any video version of HDM`s Black-Hat talk available out topics in slides, ant it`s just get more interesting when HDM present it. Racket (fast ruby packet decoder). General ruby libs like net::dns. LORCON . Moxie Marlinspike SSL null-byte attack revealed at Blackhat. SSL certs validated . Connect with this designer on Dribbble, the best place for to designers gain inspiration, feedback, community, and jobs worldwide.

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Full text of “Black Hat DC Slides”

One of the two vulnerabilities is that if an SSID is over a certain length, you get a stack overflow. They are the leaders in many areas, such as the SDL stuff that defines what it means to develop secure software. Once they discover that there is, indeed, a company keeping track of all these things, they might change their habits. Indeed, Skyhook can shortcut this by including UPnP queries in their wardriving tool to map the current Internet-facing IP address from open access points.

While the high-end IDS avoids triggering on shellcode, low-end products lorvon something else. Make a bad thing better Snort relies more on shellcode than many, but if you look at its signatures, you’ll find that only a couple percent trigger on shellcode.

[framework] Black Hat USA 2007

We’ve more or less figured out how to defend access points It’s much harder to defend clients Especially when they go off into the world onto insecure APs In summary Googling the interviewee, Arno Edelmann, only comes up with this presentation about the e-mail product acquired from FrontBridge now known lprcon ForeFront. For example, you should never buy a SCADA product without first asking the vendor for an independent vulnerability assessment from a third party e.


I thought you said it was a hijack yet you only showed a DoS. SCADA refers to the computerized control over things from dams to oil refineries to rail roads to nuclear power plants. How often do YOU use public wifi? She claimed that the comments were “threats”, even though they don’t quite meet the definition of the word.

Friday, March 02, Yet more blogging blackhat.

Unfortunately, OPC is completely open to attack. Fri, 13 May Unfortunately, many SCADA organizations are not going to take neutralbit’s work seriously for this reason. This is bad even for smart users Normal users don’t stand a chance You may already be screwed I blackhzt you this would be depressing My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

Indeed, it’s precisely the soft-misogynism of Kathy’s supporters loorcon at fault here. To be honest Rob mostly gave the talk. Recently, they’ve partnered with AOL to provide a plugin to their instant messenger so that you can see where your chat buddies are on Mapquest. The main effect of all these posts is, of blackhah, to encourage forum trolls in general, and more bullying of Katy Sierra in particular. Bad karma It sounds pretty boring to have to make a fake network for each client Plus not everyone is looking for “Free Public Will”.


Interface 2 provides spoofed “Free Public Wifi” network. Indeed, she has become a bit delusional about them.

They will leap slires a woman’s defense more readily than a man. Mac OS X v If you have been asking how to get Metasploit on the N, you can find instructions here. Saturday, March 31, Please stop feeding the trolls. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Rather than have unique identifiers for those, you could change them into something more bland.

They have wardrivers in the major U. I deactivated it an setup it up again 3 different times and still no joy. Since their credibility is on the line, such editors would like to hear complaints from a company like Microsoft so that they can take appropriate steps.

According tc the re-searchers, many people don’t realize thai a certiricale Blakchat wiry meant to guarantee they’ve arrived on lhe correct paga, An ssl eeflfflcata dots net say whaler tha sua operator is trustworthy.

He definitely deserved that Oscar.